Granite State Fit Kids


  • Learn anatomy & function of the gastrointestinal or “G.I.” tract
  • Learn about digestion and how food/drink is metabolized into energy or “fuel” for the body
  • Identify the organs in the digestive tubes

Classroom Activities

  • Examine models of teeth, stomach and intestines
  • Learn about the breakdown of food along the “food tubes”
  • Simulate digestion by passing food models through 30-foot stockings – via “The Guts Game”
  • “Operation Time”- removal of the stomach & intestines


  • Complete daily physical activity calendars in classroom
  • Promote family discussion about regular physical activity, good nutrition and ill effects of smoking as related to the process of digestion and excess acid creation in the “food” tubes”.

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Web Links
Food Detectives Fight back! An interactive game designed by the Partnership for Food Safety Education.

Watch a small video clip on todays lesson plan: (If you cannot see the video, CLICK here to download it)