Granite State Fit Kids


  • Discuss the “Tree of Influence” homework
  • Learn the negative effects of tobacco use
  • Identify the consequences of tobacco use
  • Understand nicotine addiction
  • Identify chemicals found in tobacco products
  • Talk about the power of the media/advertising and exposure to nicotine

Classroom Activities

  • Listen to the heart and lungs before and after exercise
  • Examine the “Tar Jar”
  • Play the “What If” game to identify consequences of tobacco use
  • Summarize “body maps” and make team presentations


  • Create tobacco awareness posters for display in school
  • Complete daily physical activity calendars in classroom

2 Sided Weekly Family Newsletter



Web Links
Smoking stinks! Information on why smoking is bad for you.
Helpful resources for parents or caregivers who want to stop smoking.

Tobacco Resources OnLine – Fact Sheets 

 Partnership for a Drug Free New Hampshire

Information on Vaping E-Cigarettes

Vaping E-Cigarettes

Vaping Unveiled – Resources
Students learned how tobacco products
affect the body and why to never use them. 

The Real Cost Of Vaping
The FDA’s view of The Real Cost Of Vaping

Watch a small video clip on todays lesson plan: (If you cannot see the video, CLICK here to download it)